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CT::SWaM - Velak Collective

Stella Kyan / Paul Gründorfer / Eduardo Triviño-Cely / 

Wednesday, October 25

8:00 PM 

Fridman Gallery

169 Bowery | NYC

For the upcoming event CT::SWaM is hosting members of the Austrian Velak Collective - an artist collective organizing concerts and performances with the focus on electronic, experimental and improvised music, consistently and regularly for almost 20 years. The concert series focuses on hosting local and international acts has a nomadic form of organization playing in different settings and spaces around Vienna, but also has collaborated with other organizers from abroad to play velak-export events in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris and Brussels and was engaged to run a radio stream around the world over the last years.

Further information about the series can be found at:

Performances by::

Stella Kyan

Paul Gründorfer
Eduardo Triviño-Cely

Stella Kyan
Stella Kyan is a greek multidisciplinary artist working with analogue and digital media, experimenting through different disciplines with a focus on photography and sound. Her musical practice is based on improvisational experimentations, playing with virtual instruments, synthesizers, percussion, e-bass, field and voice recordings, machine learning algorithms, children’s music toys and more. Her current sonic interest is investigating the boundaries between intuitive playing and structured patterns in sound compositions.
Paul Gründorfer
Artistic practice in the scope of conceptual and process art, site specific intervention, sound sculpture and performance. Paul Gründorfer develops process-related systems and explores variable or unstable conditions within the occurrence of sound when exposed to amplification, feedback and plural signal streams. His works focus on processes that evolve in a social space, where sound is considered a found object and event, that directly relates to, influences and reflects the environment. They deal with the instability of systems, questioning the role of control and reaction, and researching mechanisms of hidden signals. 
Eduardo Triviño-Cely
(1990, Bogota) artistic practice involving sound, sculpture, multimedia, and performance. Their work is characterized by interventions in spe-cific spaces, the use of sound objects and installations. Through self-taught research, this explores the relationship between the limits of the body and different territorial spaces, encompassing cultural practices, political issues, and exercises in reflection on our environment.
CT::SWaM [Contemporary Temporary:: Sound Works and Music] is an artist-run series that has been presenting performances and workshops in spaces such as Eyebeam’s former Chelsea location, Fridman Gallery, MoMA PS1 Printshop, Spectrum and The Knockdown Center in NYC, as well as Neu West Berlin in Berlin. The series, initiated by Daniel Neumann in 2012 [following Closed], focuses on spatial sound works, where the distribution and localization of sounds is a primary compositional parameter and a central feature for the listener. These works consider architectural, acoustical and technological factors in exploring the complex and dynamic relationship between sound and space. The formats are open and include contemporary sound experiments, electro-acoustic multi-channel composition, improvisation, non-traditional performance configurations, lowercase artistic presence, and workshops – all of which diverge from a fixed perspective on audible space.
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