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Forbes Graham  (New York)
Tuesday, March 15, 7 PM

Forbes Graham is a composer, musician, sound artist, and visual artist whose work explores themes of simultaneity, perceptibility, transformation and collage. He performs on trumpet and laptop computer.

Nicola Hein and Viola Yip (Berlin, New York)
Wednesday, March 16, 7 PM     

Transsonic (Hein and Yip) is an experimental transmedial duo that creates immersive site-specific performances and installations bridging the vibrations of light and sound.  Trained as musicians, both look into the ontology of sound and how musical experience can be transformed beyond its common material—sound.  For their artistic research project, Transsonic, they explore light as an expanded musical material and create performances that improvise between light and sound as equally important but dialectical musical materials.  For this concert, the duo is creating a new piece for lights and electronics that incorporate our bodies as part of the circuit​.

Liz Phillips and Heidi Howard (New York)
Thursday, March 17, 7 PM


"Sea Gestures: Sound Swim"
Liz Phillips will live process Heidi Howard’s gestures as Howard paints Phillips picking up sounds of fish movement and shell textures.



About Experimental Intermedia: 
Experimental Intermedia Foundation NYC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization directed since 1985 by Phill Niblock. It was founded in 1968 by Elaine Summers to provide organizational support for artists working in intermedia forms. It has been presenting experimental music concerts and other intermedia work at its SOHO location since 1973, featuring both American and international composers and artists. Experimental Intermedia remains one of the principal venues for the presentation of untried work in New York City. The Foundation also manages its own recording label, XI Records, that continues to garner extremely positive press and radio coverage, both nationally and internationally. To date, the label has released 32 recordings. Of these 32 releases, 25 are by American composers. EI produces 20 to 30 events each season and develops and implements international projects in collaboration with like-minded organizations both local and international for the creation & presentation of innovative, technically sophisticated music & intermedia artwork. Learn more at

We require all visitors to wear masks, and all concertgoers to present evidence of either Covid vaccination or negative PCR test taken during the previous 72 hours.


Proceeds from this performance will be contributed to Return Alive Foundation assisting victims of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Additional direct donations are encouraged.

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