Jul 23, 2020 - 8pm

Diamanda Galás

Broken Gargoyles

Broken Gargoyles, an audiovisual installation by Diamanda Galás, is a work in progress resulting from a remote collaboration between D. Galás, artist and sound engineer Daniel Neumann, video artist Carlton Bright, with guest reading of excerpted pages from Das Fieberspital by artist Robert Knoke. Presented as part of Fridman Gallery's lock-down series SO⅃OS, this quadrophonic sound work is not a live performance.

The expression Broken Gargoyles was used in World War I to describe the soldiers who were facially mutilated by skin-melting gases and machine guns, both of which were introduced during this war.

Music, video script, video and other photography was done by D. Galás, along with the photography by Ernst Freidrich of disfigured men. Das Fiebersptal and Die Dämonen der Städte were written by poet Georg Heym. An excerpt from the later poem will be read by Diamanda Galás.

The installation is a work-in-progress.

Original photo by Austin Young, graphic design by Robert Knoke

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