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AUDINT:: Ghostcode


Toby Heys from AUDINT will present the newly released Ghostcode project in a sound/video/spoken word reading from the graphic novel of the same name. A 9-minute animation and tracks form the double vinyl soundtrack will also be played and discussed in conversation with Daniel Neumann.

Ghostcode is a 250-page expanded graphic novel incorporating text, illustrations, comic-style panels and infographics. The theory fiction is set in 2056 when Corporations and Nation states have fused into single economic and political entities. This is an era in which human flesh has been removed from the messy equations of political turbulence, resulting in conflicts being conducted by holographic and holosonic forces. The book traces the exploits of Irex2, a rogue Artifical Intelligence on the run from its undead creators as it competes against a Columbian Black Hat named Sureshot to develop A.I. Holographic fighters named AIHolos. Fuelled by the sound of human pain, the AIHolo’s weapons require massive injections of recorded suffering. As torment becomes an economy in its own right, Pain ©Amps are constructed to generate the sonic power source. By amping up the rationale of the music industry’s most successful formula of the C20th – recording and selling the sound of poverty stricken urban areas – the functionality of suffering has been pushed to the limit. The needle is in the red, but it is pain that is wanted, not blood.

AUDINT investigate the ways in which ultrasonic, sonic, and infrasonic frequencies are deployed to modulate psychological and physiological states. Recent performances and installations have been carried out at The Tate Britain, The Academy of Art in Berlin, Unsound Festival (Krakow) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Herford, Germany. Recordings, writings and illustrations from these projects have been published as Martial Hauntology - a triple gatefold package containing a 112-page book, 180g clear vinyl record, and six 12" x 12". The information garnered from these activities is used to produce audio recordings, computer software, art installations, performances, books, and films. AUDINT’s recent anthology, Unsound : Undead (Urbanomic, 2019) listens to how disparate cultures deploy frequencies to channel and populate the interzone between life and death.


More information about AUDINT's most recent transmedia project Ghostcode can be found at –



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